How long does it take?

Our average delivery times for DIGITAL ART is currently 7-8 Days via Email.  (if you ask for a revision, it will of course take a few days longer)Our average delivery times for CANVAS PRINTS are about 13-15 Days After your order is placed! Keep in mind you’ll have your digital art via email a lot sooner. If you ask for a revision, it will delay this entire process by a few days. Our team of artists work as fast as they can.

Thank you for your patience, and for trusting us to Animefy yourself and your loved ones!

If you are ordering a canvas, we will send you an email about your final image. It is required to be approved within the first 48 hours. If it is not approved by then, we print your final image and ship your canvas! Additional charges will apply for revision request after the 48 hour approval time frame, if your canvas was shipped we can provide a reprint of the approved revisioned artwork at a 40% discount. Shipping takes another 5-7 business days on average. 

On average most orders get delivered to customers within 7-10 days.

I do not like my drawing and want to make changes?

We offer 2 free revisions, satisfying the customer is of utmost importance but there ARE limits to what will be altered at the customers request.  Any changes (such as Pose, Outfit, Background, etc) that were not included in the original order notes will result in additional charges.

*We highly suggest to provide ALL / ANY specific details you would like included in your artwork,


What currency are Animefy Me prices?

All prices on our store are denominated in USD.


What is the difference between Free Shipping and Expedited Shipping?

Free Shipping- Your canvas will be shipped with USPS 5-7 business days. 

Expedited ShippingYour Canvas will be Shipped with FedEx 2-5 days


How is the portrait sent?

Your portrait will be digital so it will be emailed to you when it’s complete, ready to print or put on a mug, t-shirt whatever you decide to do with it. If you purchased the Canvas print then you will also receive the canvas via FedEx/USPS in the mail!


What can I have as my background?

Whatever you want! You just let us know your idea and we will make it happen.


Do pets count as a person? Does an extra character count as a person?

Unfortunately yes. 

Extra characters will be charged case by case. If you'd like the character to be completing an action, it will be the same price that you originally paid for one person. 

Can I do whatever I want with my portrait?

Yes, absolutely, unlike some we put no restrictions on your portrait, it’s yours to do whatever you want with.


Can you work from more than one photo?

The more photos the better! Just make sure you’re clear about how you’d like your illustration drawn in the picture description and leave the rest up to us 


What quality should the photo I send to you be?

The better quality the photo the easier it will be for our artists to get a more accurate illustration of you on the other side. But don’t worry, we’ll let you know if we’re having any issues.

Quality reference photos matter and make a huge difference in the end product of portraits. It also helps to have multiple reference photos for the best capture.

We highly recommend providing images with the best quality, well lit and without significant obstruction such as graininess or blurred images. If the supplied photos do not meet these qualifications, understand that it may heavily impact the success of the artwork as far as recognizability and realism. 

I have a large group I need doing?

No problem just drop us an email and we can discuss large jobs.